Power Up Your Home with Sunray Electrical: A Comprehensive Price Guide

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Sunray Electrical Zimbabwe (Call or WhatsApp: +263 719 783 644) is your one-stop shop for all things solar power in Harare. 

They offer a comprehensive range of high-quality solar equipment at competitive prices, empowering you to harness the sun's energy and transform your home into a sustainable haven.

Investing in a Brighter Future with Solar Energy

Sunray Electrical understands the growing demand for solar power solutions in Zimbabwe. With frequent load shedding impacting daily life, solar energy offers a reliable and eco-friendly alternative, providing backup power and reducing dependence on the national grid.
Power Up Your Home with Sunray Electrical: A Comprehensive Price Guide
Power Up Your Home with Sunray Electrical: A Comprehensive Price Guide

Exploring Sunray Electrical's Diverse Product Portfolio:

This guide delves into the various solar equipment categories available at Sunray Electrical, along with their current pricing:
  1. Inverters: The heart of your solar system, inverters convert DC electricity generated by solar panels into usable AC electricity for your appliances. Sunray Electrical offers a variety of inverters, ranging from budget-friendly 1500W options to powerful hybrid inverters for larger systems, with prices starting at $95. Popular brands include Must, Growatt, Epever, and Sunsynk.
  2. Solar Panels: Sunray Electrical carries a selection of solar panels from reputable brands like Jinko and Canadian Solar, with capacities ranging from 100W to 555W. Prices vary depending on wattage, with higher wattage panels offering greater energy generation potential.
  3. Batteries: For enhanced energy independence and backup power during outages, Sunray Electrical offers various lithium batteries from leading brands like Polaris, Svolt, Must, Deye, and Pylontech. Battery prices depend on voltage and capacity, with options starting at $310.
  4. Mounting Kits: Securely install your solar panels on your roof with Sunray Electrical's galvanized mounting rails, hanger bolts, anti-theft clips, clamps, and brackets, all available at affordable prices.
  5. Cables: Connect your solar system components seamlessly with Sunray Electrical's selection of DC and AC cables in various lengths and thicknesses. Prices vary depending on cable size and type.
  6. Breakers/Isolators: Ensure safety and system protection with Sunray Electrical's AC and DC breakers and isolators in various amperage ratings. Prices start at $3.
  7. PVC Surface Boxes: House your electrical connections securely with Sunray Electrical's PVC surface boxes in various configurations, with prices starting at $7.
  8. Trunking: Organize and protect your electrical cables with Sunray Electrical's trunking in different sizes, with prices starting at $5.
  9. Adjustable Voltage Protectors (AVS): Shield your system from voltage fluctuations with Sunray Electrical's AVS options, starting at $15.
  10. Weekly Timer Switches: Automate appliance operation with Sunray Electrical's weekly timer switches, priced at $25.
  11. Surge Protective Devices: Safeguard your electrical equipment from damaging power surges with Sunray Electrical's AC and DC surge protectors, starting at $13.
  12. Changeover Switches: Sunray Electrical offers both manual and automatic changeover switches to seamlessly switch between grid and solar power, with prices starting at $13.
  13. MPPT & PWM Charge Controllers: Optimize battery charging efficiency with Sunray Electrical's MPPT and PWM charge controllers in various capacities, starting at $25.
  14. Battery Disconnect: Ensure safe battery isolation during maintenance or emergencies with Sunray Electrical's battery disconnectors, starting at $35.
  15. Lighting Bulbs & Solar Lights: Brighten your home with Sunray Electrical's energy-efficient LED bulbs and powerful solar flood lights, with prices starting at $2.
  16. Other Accessories: Find all the additional tools and equipment you need for your solar installation project at Sunray Electrical, including ratchet socket spanner sets and safety ropes.

Unbeatable Service and Support at Sunray Electrical

Sunray Electrical goes beyond offering a comprehensive selection of solar equipment at competitive prices. They also provide exceptional customer service, including:

Free quantity delivery within the Harare CBD.

Convenient operating hours: Weekdays (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM), Saturdays (8:00 AM - 2:00 PM), Closed Sundays & Public Holidays
Knowledgeable staff to assist you in choosing the right equipment for your needs

Embrace the Power of the Sun with Sunray Electrical

By choosing Sunray Electrical for your solar power needs, you're investing in a sustainable future for your home and the environment. 

Visit their showroom at 6 St Kitts Arcadia near ABC Auctions in Harare, or contact them today.

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