A Price Guide for Informed Decisions - Demystifying Solar System Components!

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At Solar Quotes Zimbabwe, we understand navigating the world of solar power can be overwhelming. 

This comprehensive guide explores the various components that make up a solar system, along with estimated price ranges to empower you to make informed decisions for your solar journey. 
A Price Guide for Informed Decisions - Demystifying Solar System Components!
A Price Guide for Informed Decisions - Demystifying Solar System Components!
Remember, these are general price ranges, and actual costs may vary depending on brand, quality, and market fluctuations.

Solar Inverter Prices:

Brand Name Must Inverter Sizes Prices
Must Inverter (145VDC)-12Volts 1kVA $180USD
Must Inverter (145VDC)-24Volts 3kVA $200USD
Must Inverter (160VDC)-24Volts 3.2kVA $210USD
Must Inverter (145VDC)-48Volts 5kVA $400USD
Must Inverter (450VDC)-48Volts 5.2kVA (Pro) $420USD

Solar Inverter Prices:

Brand Name Axpert Inverter Series Sizes Prices
OWOS Axpert Inverter (48Volts) 5.6kVA (450VDC) $450USD
Palitron/Omega (48Volts) 6kVA (450VDC) $530USD
Axpert Max (48Volts) 8kVA (450VDC) $900USD
Axpert Max II (48Volts) 8kVA (450VDC) $1000USD
Axpert Max Twin (48Volts) 11kVA (450VDC) $1100USD
Axpert Max II Twin (48Volts) 11kVA (450VDC) $1200USD

Lithium Battery Prices:

Brand Name Battery Sizes Prices
Polaris LLithium Battery (100aH) 12Volts $300USD
Meritsun Lithium Battery (100aH) 24Volts $450USD
Must Lithium Battery(100aH) 24Volts $500USD
Must Lithium Battery (100aH) 48Volts $900USD

Solar Panels Prices:

Brand Name Solar Panel Sizes Prices
Jinko Solar Panels (37Volts) 405Watts $70USD
Jinko Solar Panels (39Volts) 440Watts $80USD
Jinko Solar Panels (52Volts) 480Watts $80USD

Protection Kit Prices:

Brand Name Breaker Sizes Prices
DC Breaker 65Amps $10USD
Battery Breaker 125Amps $10USD
Surge Protection Device 65Amps $10USD

Solar Accessories:

Product Name Sizes Prices
DC Cables (Red and Black) 0.6mm $1.30USD/metre
Battery Cables (Pair) 24mm $20 (Pair)USD
Distribution Box 12Way $15USD
Anti-Theft Clips Small $1USD (Each)
Solar PanelRails 6 Metres $18USD (Each)
Trunking (White) 50x50 $10USD (Each)
Trunking (White) 40x40 $10USD (Each)

The Building Blocks of Your Solar System:

Inverters: The heart of your system, inverters convert the direct current (DC) electricity generated by your solar panels into usable alternating current (AC) electricity that powers your appliances. Here's a breakdown of some available options:
  • 1kVA 12V Snadi Inverter ($150): A budget-friendly option for small off-grid applications.
  • 5kVA Range ($400 - $1200): These inverters cater to various power needs, with features like high voltage compatibility and parallel operation impacting the price.

Batteries: Batteries store excess solar energy generated during the day for use at night or during grid outages. Battery prices are typically influenced by voltage, capacity, and brand:
  • 12V Range ($290 - $320): Suitable for smaller systems for basic backup power.
  • 24V Range ($500 - $620): Offers increased storage capacity for larger appliances.
  • Lithium Battery Options ($690 - $1950): Lithium batteries offer longer lifespans and faster charging times, but come at a premium cost.

Solar Panels: These convert sunlight into electricity. Higher wattage panels generate more power, but also have a higher price tag:
  • 150W Panel ($62): A budget-friendly option for small applications, but will require more panels to generate significant power.
  • 370W - 550W Range ($79 - $120): Offers a good balance between affordability and power generation.

Additional Components: Several essential accessories complete your solar system:
  1. Mounting Equipment (Rails, Brackets, Clips): These securely fasten your panels to your roof.
  2. Cables: Connect the various components of your system.
  3. Solar Geysers: Heat water using solar energy, reducing reliance on electricity.
  4. Solar Pumps: Power water pumps for irrigation or household needs using solar energy.

Investing in Quality for Long-Term Value

While price is a significant factor, remember that opting for high-quality components is crucial for maximizing the benefits of your solar system. Consider these factors:
  1. Efficiency: Higher efficiency components generate more usable energy, minimizing the number of panels needed and maximizing your return on investment.
  2. Durability: Durable components withstand harsh weather conditions and ensure a longer lifespan for your system.
  3. Safety: Reputable brands prioritize safety features to minimize electrical hazards.
  4. Warranty: A good warranty provides peace of mind and protects your investment.

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