Solar Power Shines Hope on the Salvation Army in Zimbabwe: A Model for Africa

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The sun is rising on a new era for the Salvation Army in Zimbabwe, bringing not just light, but hope and sustainability. 

A beacon of support for countless Zimbabweans, the Salvation Army is taking a pioneering step towards a brighter future powered by the sun.

Fueling Challenges, Hindered Operations:

The Territorial Headquarters (THQ) in Harare faced a constant battle with the darkness. Frequent power outages disrupted essential services and hampered the work of staff and officers. Their ability to serve the community was directly impacted by an unreliable power grid.

Meanwhile, the Divisional Headquarters (DHQ) in Kadoma wrestled with a different set of challenges. Here, the lack of access to a reliable power source created a double burden. Diesel generators, a common but unsustainable solution, provided electricity, but at a high cost and with significant environmental impact. 
Solar Power Shines Hope on the Salvation Army in Zimbabwe: A Model for Africa
Solar Power Shines Hope on the Salvation Army in Zimbabwe: A Model for Africa
Adding to these woes, clean running water was another hurdle. The DHQ relied on a borehole pump, but without a reliable source of power, this essential service was also in jeopardy.

Solar Power: A Solution That Shines Bright:

Enter the transformative power of the sun. A pilot project funded by International Headquarters saw the installation of solar panels at both the THQ and DHQ. This simple yet impactful solution addressed the challenges head-on:
  1. Uninterrupted Operations in Harare: The THQ in Harare now benefits from a reliable source of power. The newly installed solar panels generate consistent electricity, eliminating disruptions caused by power cuts. Staff can now focus on their vital work without worrying about the lights going out.
  2. Sustainable Water and Power in Kadoma: For the DHQ in Kadoma, the impact is even more profound. Solar panels now power the electric pump for the borehole, providing clean running water – a vital resource for the community. The dependence on expensive and polluting diesel generators has been eliminated, leading to significant cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

A Model for Africa: Harnessing the Power of the Sun:

This successful pilot project transcends borders. It serves as a shining example for the Salvation Army across Africa, a continent where unreliable power grids and a lack of access to clean energy are widespread challenges.

The benefits of solar power are undeniable:

  1. Reduced Dependence on Unreliable Grids: Solar panels offer a dependable source of electricity, freeing the Salvation Army from the constraints of power cuts. This ensures uninterrupted service delivery and allows them to focus on their mission.
  2. Lower Costs and Environmental Benefits: By replacing diesel generators, solar power significantly reduces operational expenses. Additionally, it contributes to a cleaner environment, aligning with the Salvation Army's commitment to responsible stewardship of the planet.

A Brighter Future Powered by Innovation:

The success of this pilot project paves the way for a wider roll-out across Africa. Having a proven, viable solution will empower other Salvation Army territories to harness the power of the sun and continue their vital work without disruption. This project exemplifies the Salvation Army's commitment to finding innovative solutions to improve lives while safeguarding the environment. 

The sun truly shines hope on the Salvation Army in Zimbabwe, and its rays now extend to the entire continent, illuminating a path towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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